An All-Inclusive Selection of Gas Braais for Your Home

Gas has made a triumphant return as an alternative energy source in households and kitchens across the world. Gas-powered kitchen appliances give you more control over cooking temperatures and can be adjusted to the perfect heat level within seconds. As a result, professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. With Home Fires on your side, you can get your hands on a gas braai that is ideal for your home!

Gas Grillers

We offer a range of gas grillers that feature 2 to 5 gas burner tops to give you the means to utilise professional gas cooking equipment at home. You can utilise the grillers to braai in outdoor and open areas such as an open veranda, Lapa, or dedicated outdoor braai area.

Built-In Gas Braais for My Home

Our range of built-in gas braais gives you a wide selection of braai units to suit your preferences. Our Super Deluxe gas built-in braais include 4- and 5-burner tops for you to choose from. These units come with top and bottom doors, an interior light fitting, insulation materials, and touch-up paint to assist you to complete the installation. They are perfect for wall cavities in your Lapa or open veranda. These units are also available in stainless steel on special order.

We also have a selection of combo built-in braais that feature both gas burner tops and dedicated areas for wood/coal fires. Our 1500 Combo Option B Braai gives you the ultimate combination of gas and wood/coal braai facilities – featuring a 3-burner gas grill, adjustable braai grid, removable ash drawer, ember maker, and a potjie holder to give you everything that you need when you want to braai at home.

Braai Accessories

Our built-in gas braais are accommodated with an extensive selection of accessories such as flue pipes for smoke venting and cowl bases and tops that you can purchase along with your gas braai. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that you can get everything that you need from Home Fires when you want to buy and install a gas braai at your home.

Take advantage of a gas braai at your home – saving you money and giving you the means to cook and braai food to perfection – with Home Fires in your corner! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available braais and contact us if you want to request a quotation or have any enquiries about our braais today!

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