Beat the Winter Cold with an Indoor Fireplace for Your Home

Are you looking for a way to generate heat in your house without having to drastically increase electricity usage throughout the winter months? Home Fires is your answer! We offer a wide range of indoor fireplaces that can save you money when generating heat, along with adding aesthetic value to your home. Our range includes open, closed slow-combustion, and gas fireplaces to choose from, with an option between built-in and stand-alone units as well.

Finding the Perfect Fireplace for Your Home

Some homes have chimneys and dedicated wall space for built-in fireplaces. Our variety allows to find the exact unit that will fit your home’s wall cavity to a tee. If your home does not have a chimney or dedicated wall space, a freestanding unit can still be installed next to a side wall or in the corner of a room, from where the generated smoke can be vented through the roof or the side wall itself. All that remains, is to choose between a conventional, slow-combustion, or gas fireplace.

Closed Slow-Combustion Fireplaces

Closed slow-combustion fireplaces are ideal for those who like wood/coal fires and the inviting aura such a fire creates. These fireplaces have see-through doors and seal the fire so that dangerous smoke will not escape into the room but be safely vented through the flue pipes instead. These units also have interior fans and air intakes to ensure that the fire is regulated and does not suffocate as a result of the sealed unit. Our selection of closed slow-combustion fireplaces also include Dovre units that feature unique and modernistic designs to spark conversation and draw attention.

Gas Fireplaces

Modern homes utilise gas as a supplement to electricity. Our range of gas fireplaces are ideal for homes that already have access to gas. These fireplaces do not need dedicated venting solutions, as a gas fire does not generate nearly as much smoke in comparison to a wood/coal fire. We offer our gas fireplaces with different façade options and gas grates, including standard white pebble grates, coal grates, and Real-Fyre gas logs. Therefore, you can match the appearance of your gas fireplace with the room it will be installed in.

When you want to generate heat in your home without ramping up your monthly utility bill, Home Fires is your first choice in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available fireplaces and accommodating accessories, and feel free to contact us if want to request a quotation or have any enquiries about our fireplaces. Beat the winter cold with Home Fires on your side!

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