Built-In and Freestanding Dovre Fireplaces in South Africa

If you need a supplier of Dovre fireplaces in South Africa, Home Fires is your first choice! We stock built-in and freestanding units to suit your specific needs. Dovre freestanding fireplaces feature unique designs that grab everyone’s attention when walking into a room and can enhance the interior design elements of your home while generating ample heat without the need for electricity. Today, we highlight some of the most popular choices in our range of Dovre fireplaces in South Africa.

The Dovre 2100S – The Definitive Built-In Fireplace

When it comes to our range of built-in Dovre fireplaces in South Africa, the 2100S is the definitive choice, as it has no outside air connection and does not require electricity to operate and generate heat. The unit includes a convection box that houses wood and anthracite charcoal fires, a riddling grate, and riddling grate handle and door for total access. It can generate enough heat for a room volume of 280 m³ and operates at a nominal performance rating of 10 kW. This unit has a top flue pipe exit to vent the generated smoke through a chimney or the roof.

The Dovre 525 CB – A Compact Freestanding Option

Our range of freestanding Dovre fireplaces in South Africa includes the 525 CB – a perfect choice when you want a fireplace that is designed for wood fires only. This fireplace includes an ashtray to make the cleaning process simpler and is vented to ensure that there is enough air circulation inside the fireplace when closed. It can generate heat for a room volume of up to 224 m³ and has a nominal performance rating of 8 kW. This fireplace operates at 80% efficiency.

The Dovre 760 WD – Mixing Vintage with Modern

The Dovre 760 WD features a unique vintage design and is one of our most sought-after Dovre fireplaces in South Africa. With an additional side door, it is easy to load the fireplace with enough wood to keep the fire going, without having to open the front door. It can generate enough heat for a room volume of 336 m³ and operates at 80% efficiency to create a nominal performance output of 12 kW. When you need a freestanding fireplace for a larger area in your home, the 760 WD is your definitive choice.

Home Fires is your supplier of Dovre fireplaces in South Africa! We have showrooms in the Western Cape and Gauteng, and you can find all the necessary information on our available Dovre fireplaces on our website. Get your hands on your very own Dovre fireplace this Winter at Home Fires!

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