Built-In Braai

Every Home Needs a Braai

In South Africa, we love our braais, where we get together and throw some meat on the braai while we watch some rugby over the weekend. Therefore, every home needs a proper braai. Home Fires is your answer when you want a professional built-in braai in your home, with our wide range of units and accessories to go along with them. With us, you have everything that you need to enjoy your weekend braais.

The Benefits of a Built-In Braai

Usually, we braai outside in the open air as a result of the open fire and the smoke it creates. Unfortunately, the weather is not always in our favour. With a built-in braai, you can avoid the outdoors completely, giving you the means to braai whenever you want. The unit will also warm up the room, which is welcoming during the colder Winter months. Home Fires offers a wide variety to ensure that we can match your preferences, from standard units to gas, spit, and combo varieties.

Keeping It Simple

The Economaster 700 Basic Braai offers a simplistic and efficient design at an affordable price. The unit is manufactured from 2,5-mm mild steel, weighing only 58 kg in total. The grid size in this unit is 680 mm x 310 mm and comes with an ashpan, top and bottom doors, light fitting, and potjie holder. This unit can run on wood or charcoal, fitting your braai preferences either way. With the Economaster 700 Basic, anyone can enjoy the benefits of a built-in braai in their home.

The Best of Both Worlds

Gas power is increasingly used in kitchens across the world today. Gas can also be used to fuel your braai. Our selection of Combo built-in braais offers the best of both worlds, including a separate gas grill and a conventional braai table in a single unit. The 1200 Option B unit features a 3-burner gas grill and a model 580 braai table with a removeable ash tray and a height-adjustable height grid. The unit also includes a potjie hook and insulation material. The conventional side of the unit can be powered with wood or charcoal.

Home Fires is your first choice when you are looking for a built-in braai for your home. Whether you want a compact, cost-effective solution or a combo unit that offers everything that you need, we have you covered. Browse our website for more info on our available units, including images, specifications, and prices.

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