Built-In Braai

Get a Built-In Braai for Your Home

South Africans love to braai and make a day out of watching sports while hanging with friends as the braai gets to work. With Winter at an end and the season bringing in the lovely and vibrant colours of Spring, we can get back to enjoying our weekend braais to the fullest. If you want a built-in braai for your home, Home Fires is your first choice – with a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs, along with accessories and supplies to ensure that you can be a real braai master over the weekends!

Going for Something Simple and Efficient

There are several types of braais when it comes to built-in units in homes in South Africa, ranging from basic models to modern gas-powered alternatives. If you like to keep it simple and efficient, our Basic Economaster units can be your ideal answer to an affordable and accessible solution for an indoor braai in your home. Our 700-mm unit is perfect for fitting into smaller spaces in the wall, making for a quality compact unit that can be perfect for your home. This unit includes an ashpan, upper door, lower door, light fitting, and grid, and potjie holder.

Our Deluxe Built-In Braais

We also offer Deluxe units that add more functionality to the built-in braai. Our 1000-mm Deluxe unit is available in 3CR12 or 304 stainless steel, along with insulation material and touch-up paint, to set it apart from a basic unit. The unit also includes an ember maker, poker, ash drawer, and grid filters. It can be operated with charcoal or wood, leaving it up to you to decide how you want tot braai and what you want to use to get a fire going.

Accessories for Your Built-In Braai

Together with our built-in braais, we offer accessories to help you complete the installation of your unit. These accessories include a selection of flue pipes, cowl fittings, and cowls to efficiently route the smoke through the roof of your home. We also offer a variety of other braai accessories that include grid lifters, bread ovens, chicken rotisseries, and dampers that can pair well with your built-in braai.

Home Fires is your first choice when you are looking for a built-in braai for your home. We can assist with any accessories that you require with your unit, giving you the means to enjoy an indoor braai to your leisure. Please browse our website for unit availability, images, dimensions, and prices. Get your hands on a built-in braai today.

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