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Beat Loadshedding Woes with a Built-In Braai for This Holiday Season

In a modern age, we have become dependent on electricity in homes to cook and prepare food. Although there is nothing wrong with utilising technology and electronic appliances, loadshedding is causing us to seek alternative ways to cook food without the means of electricity. With the Summer holidays quickly approaching, it might be the ideal time to install a built-in braai in your home. With Home Fires on your side, you have a wide range of options to suit your available space and personal preferences.

A Built-In Braai for Wood/Coal Fires

Everyone has their own preferences on how they want to braai. Some like using wood logs, while others prefer charcoal to get the fire going. We offer an all-inclusive range of built-in braais that are ideal for both such types of fires. The majority of our braais feature ashtrays to ease the process of cleaning the unit afterwards, along with ember makers to assist the process of starting the fire. We also offer an extensive selection of accessories that go along with our braais, including flue pipes to efficiently vent the smoke through the roof.

Using Gas to Braai

Gas is making a triumphant return to modern kitchens around the world, offering more control over the heat levels while saving electricity when cooking. Gas can also be used in a built-in braai as opposed to making a fire with wood or coal. Gas braais can be ready to braai in an instant, as you can turn up the gas to reach optimal heat levels and retain those levels while cooking food. When using multiple burners, you can also regulate the heat levels across these burners for even more control.

Combo Built-In Braais

If you are a fan of having options when you braai, our combo built-in braai units is your ideal solution – offering both gas burners and areas where you can make a fire using wood/coal. This also means that when you have friends and family over for the weekends or upcoming holidays, you can prepare and cook food like a professional braai master, with everything that you need at your disposal.

Home Fires is your answer to a wide range of built-in braais for your home. Whether you want a compact wood/coal braai or a complete combo that includes gas burners, we have an ideal option for you. Please browse our website for details on our available units and contact us today to request a quote. Beat loadshedding this Summer with Home Fires on your side!

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