Built-In Braai

The Perfect Built-In Braai for Your Home

In South Africa, we get together over the weekends for a braai and to watch some rugby with the boys. So, what happens when it is your turn to host your friends for a braai? You might already have the big-screen television against the wall, but do you have a proper braai to boot? With Home Fires, you have a wide variety of built-in braais to choose from! Whether you prefer a wood/coal fire or like the convenience of gas burners, we offer an all-inclusive selection to suit your preferences.

Where Can I Install a Built-In Braai?

A built-in braai unit can be installed wherever there is room in a wall for such a unit – whether it is in your house or in your outdoor Lapa. Some people have built-in braais installed on their verandas or have a dedicated rec room where one of our units would be an ideal fit. We also sell accommodating accessories, such as flue pipes, to ensure that you have everything to properly vent the unit and not let any smoke escape into the living room or the rest of the household.

Wood/Coal vs Gas

We have our own preferences on how we prepare and cook our foods, especially when it comes to using wood, coal, or gas to braai. Some people are firm believers that the food tastes better when using wood, while others prefer coal fires instead. On the other hand, using a gas burner will not leave your ashtray full of ash at the end of the night, meaning less cleaning duties the following morning. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, which is why we offer wood/coal, gas, and combo built-in braais.

All The Bells and Whistles

When you buy a built-in braai, you want a unit that comes with all the add-ons and extras, such as an ember maker, ashtray, and potjie holder. We ensure that our braais are fitted with useful add-ons to put a smile on your face when you use your braai and avoid any hassles or struggles when kicking it with friends over the weekends. Now, you have the means to cook up a storm with your built-in braai – whether it is boerewors, steak, chops, or a good old-fashioned potjie.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want a built-in braai in South Africa. Our range of braais and accessories will bring out the true braai master in you. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available units and products and contact us today for a quotation!

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