Built-In Braai

Elevate Your Weekends with a Built-In Braai

In South Africa, the kitchen is more than just a room where we prepare food, and an open fire is more than just a source of heat. We love to braai and socialise around the fire and in the kitchen while we prepare a feast and enjoy some live sports over the weekends. With Home Fires, you can elevate your weekends with a built-in braai unit for your home. We offer a wide selection of different options to suit your preferences, including conventional, gas-powered, and spit braai units. We also offer combo braai units, along with an all-inclusive range of accommodating accessories.

My Perfect Built-In Braai

There are several methods to braai your food, and we all have our own preferences – not only on meat temperatures, but also on how we braai. Some people prefer to use specific types of wood for their fires, while others prefer to use coals. Gas tops are also popular in modern homes and homes that have access to gas – serving as a means to have more control over the temperatures when cooking your food. Therefore, with our range of built-in braai units, you are guaranteed to get a braai that is perfect for you.

The Economaster Range

Our Economaster range features conventional built-in braai units that are designed for wood/coal fires. These units are manufactured from 2,5-mm mild steel and include an ashpan, grid, potjie holder, top and bottom doors, an ember maker, and a light fitting. The Economaster is available in various sizes to fit the allocated space in your home and can also be an ideal option for verandas or lapa’s that have room for a built-in braai. Our Economaster range is a cost-effective option and an ideal investment to kick off the new year.

The Super Deluxe Gas Range

Our range of Super Deluxe gas built-in braai units delivers a gas-powered flat burner top to cook your food on. Gas burners are considered as a professional means of cooking food, as you have more control over the heat temperatures to reach precise timings when cooking your food. Our 800 Super Deluxe features a 4-burner flat top grill, top and bottom doors, a light fitting, insulation material, and touch-up paint to ensure that you can make the most of your built-in gas braai at home.

Home Fires is your answer to built-in braais in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available braai units, including prices, specifications, and accommodating accessories. Start the new year with a new built-in braai from Home Fires.

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