Built-In Braai

Built-In Braais for Your Home

A South African home is only complete when it has a braai. If you are looking for quality built-in braais that can be incorporated into your home, Home Fires is your first choice. We offer a wide range of built-in braais from leading manufacturers, along with a selection of braai accessories, to give you the tools to let the true braai master loose. The function of a built-in braai is to serve as an indoor solution that vents through a chimney, being an ideal choice for dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

Economaster Built-In Braais

Our selection of built-in braais includes a range of Economaster units. The Economaster 700 Basic features a standard indoor braai design, fuelled by either wood or charcoal to suit your braai preferences. The unit includes a grid, ashpan, top and bottom door, light fitting, and a potjieholder. The unit is manufactured from 2,5-mm mild steel, with a grid size of 680 mm x 310 mm for a proper surface to braai on. If you want a bigger braai, we also stock larger units to choose from.

The Economaster 1200 braai is for the true braai master, with increased volume and space in comparison to the 700 unit. This built-in braai also comes with an ember maker and can run on wood or charcoal. The grid size is increased to 950 mm x 450 mm to allow for larger braai accessories and more space on the grid when getting your weekend braai on. The 2,5-mm mild steel unit might take up more space in your room. However, it will allow you to braai more efficiently, making it perfect for a social event at home.

Accessories for My Built-In Braai

No braai is complete without useful accessories to complement it. Built-In braais also need chimneys to vent the smoke as opposed to releasing the smoke indoors. We offer a selection of accessories that include flue pipes, pipe connection accessories, and cowls to give you the tools to build your braai’s chimney. We also feature other braai accessories such as powered chicken rotisseries and bread ovens to allow you to be a true braai master in your own home and with your own built-in braai.

Home Fires is your first choice when you are considering a built-in braai for your home. We also offer a wide selection of indoor fireplaces and wood stoves with contemporary, classic, or retro designs to fit he interior design of your home. For more info on our built-in braai units, please browse our website for images, prices, and specifications.

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