Built-In Fireplace

Make Your House a Home with a Built-In Fireplace

Are you looking to get a brand-new built-in fireplace for your home? Home Fires is your answer to a wide selection of fireplaces in South Africa! We have open, closed slow combustion, and vent-free gas units to choose from, ensuring that you can find the ideal fit for your needs. We also offer double-sided units that can act as a room divider in large rooms. Along with our fireplaces, we sell various accessories that accompany the installation of these units, including flue pipes and brackets. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that you will access to all that you need when buying a built-in fireplace at Home Fires.

Generating Heat Without Electricity

In a modern day, we rely on electronic devices and appliances for several functions and purposes in and around the house. When it comes to heat generation, some homes feature underfloor heating solutions, while others utilise air conditioners and electric grid heaters to bring a room up to temperature. With a built-in fireplace, you can generate heat without the need for electricity, which is a major benefit when you factor in loadshedding and saving money on your monthly utility bill.

A Contemporary Built-In Fireplace

If your home features a contemporary and modern interior design, you can get a built-in fireplace that matches the aesthetic with our range of Firebox models. The Firebox 940 model is available in a mild steel and stainless-steel façade and comes in a range of 3 different gas grates to choose from – a standard white pebble grate, a coal grate, or Real-Fyre gas logs. The gas logs imitate the look of a wood fireplace, with detailed logs that are replicated to match specific wood types.

The Firebox built-in fireplace is fuelled by gas and does not require any venting, since gas fires do not produce nearly as much smoke as a wood or coal fire. The 940 model can heat up a room of 400 m³, making it the perfect choice for the majority of rooms in your home. It is also ideal for installation in the middle of the floor or between 2 rooms to act as a room divider. These units are available in 3 different gas burner options, ensuring that you can choose the perfect option to suit your needs.

Choose Home Fires today if you want a contemporary built-in fireplace for your home in South Africa. We also offer built-in braais and various accessories for our units. Please browse our website for specifications and prices on our available products and contact us directly if you have any enquiries.

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