Built-In Fireplaces for Sale in Gauteng and the Western Cape

Are you looking for a supplier of quality built-in fireplaces in South Africa? Home Fires is your solution in Gauteng and the Western Cape! We sell a variety of open, closed, and gas-powered vent-free fireplaces to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Built-in fireplaces are designed for dedicated wall cavities. This means that, if you have room for a fireplace in your home, we can supply you with a perfect fit that will not only act as a means to generate heat, but also serve as a conversation piece and demand attention with beautiful modernistic designs to choose from.

Open Fireplaces

Open built-in fireplaces are ideal for a properly ventilated room that has a chimney or similar means to vent smoke through the roof. This type of fireplace is designed to hold a wood or anthracite charcoal fire and create an inviting and welcoming aura around the fireplace. Home Fires offers single- and double-sided options – where the double-sided units can act as room dividers in larger spaces.

Closed Slow-Combustion Fireplaces

When it comes to efficiency, a closed slow-combustion fireplace is a smart choice in built-in fireplaces. The design ensures that the fire is sealed inside to burn more efficiently and displayed beautifully – mostly featuring their own vented systems to avoid suffocating the fire. The Dovre 2100S is an ideal example of such a built-in fireplace – operating at a 78% efficiency and capable of generating heat for a room volume of up to 280 m³. This fireplace does not have an outside air connection and is vented to allow proper oxygen flow through the closed system.

Gas Fireplaces

For a modern home, a gas-powered built-in fireplace is an ideal choice. Such a vent-free fireplace does not require a dedicated flue outlet, as it generates noticeably fewer smoke in comparison to wood fireplaces. It is still recommended to install a gas fireplace in a properly ventilated area because it still generates carbon dioxide. Home Fires also supplies various gas grate options, along with Real-Fyre gas logs for an authentic look. These gas logs imitate the look and size of wooden logs and can serve as an alternative to regular gas grates.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want a built-in fireplace for your home in 2023. Please browse our website for details on our available fireplaces and braais and contact us today with any enquiries. Overcome the woes of loadshedding when generating heat in your home with Home Fires in your corner!

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