An Extensive Selection of Outdoor Gas Braais in South Africa

South Africans love to get together over weekends, have a braai with friends and family, and socialise around the fire. At Home Fires, we offer an extensive range of braais, including built-in, freestanding, and gas griller units. An influx of gas-powered appliances in modern kitchens around the world speaks to the appeal of cooking with gas – offering more control over temperatures and more consistency when cooking with heat. Today, we will look at our range of gas braais and which type of braai will be ideal for your home!

A Built-In Gas Braai for Your Lapa

If you have a Lapa in your backyard, a built-in gas braai is a perfect solution – ideally installed in a wall cavity that has a chimney or cooking hood for proper ventilation. Our 800 Super Deluxe gas braai features a 4-burner flat top grill to provide a sensible grill size that allows you to control the heat levels on separate parts of the grill. Therefore, you can cook your meat to the ideal preferred temperatures and eliminate the need to wait for the fire to be ready before the meat goes up.

We also offer our 1000 Super Deluxe gas braai – featuring a 5-burner flat top grill. Both these units have interior light fittings, top and bottom doors, and come with insulation material and touch-up paint to finish off installation. We also sell accommodating accessories such as flue pipes and cowls, ensuring that you can get everything that you need for your new built-in gas braai.

Combo Built-In Braais

Some people want to have options when they braai, which brings us to our selection of combo built-in braais. These units feature both table braais and gas grillers to give you the best of both worlds in a single braai. Our 1500 Option B Combo braai unit features a 3-burner flat top grill that sits alongside a conventional table braai – with an ash drawer, adjustable braai grid, ember maker, and potjie holder for a complete package. Now, you can bring out the true braai master and cook your meats exactly how you want to.

With the winter months winding down and spring around the corner, the time is ideal to get your hands on an outdoor gas braai! Home Fires has you covered on all fronts – with several built-in options to ensure that you can get the perfect braai for your home. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available units and contact us directly when you want to request a quotation!

Braai with Gas this Winter

Gas braais and burner tops made a resurgence in modern homes and professional kitchens as the preferable choice for cooking with heat. If you want a built-in or freestanding gas braai in your home, Home Fires is your solution! We also sell individual burner tops for kitchens that feature cooking hoods, along with combo braais that also have room for wood/coal fires alongside the gas burner tops. As a result, you have an all-inclusive selection to suit your preferences.

Built-In Gas Braais

A built-in braai is perfect for a Lapa or a closed porch with a dedicated wall cavity and chimney. We offer a large selection of built-in braais that include gas and combo units. Our units are available with accommodating accessories for installation and insulation purposes, including flue pipes, cowls, and fittings.

Our 800 Super Deluxe gas braai features a 4-burner flat top grill, top and bottom doors, and an interior light fitting. With 4 gas burners, you are in complete control of heat levels on specific areas of the grill – giving you more options to cook and braai your food to perfection. This unit also includes touch-up paint and insulation material to finish off the installation process and ensure that the unit is properly ventilated. You can also get this unit in stainless steel on special order.

The Best of Both Worlds

At Home Fires, you can get a built-in braai that features a gas grill and a conventional braai space for wood/coal fires. Our range of combo built-in braai units covers different options as well, including 2- to 5-burner gas griller options. As a result, you can choose the type of fire that you want to braai with and will not be limited to only using the gas grillers when having guests over.

Gas Grillers

If you only need a gas griller to install underneath a cooking hood, we can accommodate that need as well. Our range of gas griller flat top braais includes 2-burner to 5-burner flat tops to choose from, ensuring that you can buy the ideal griller for the available space in your home. Our gas grillers feature cast-iron burners, piezo ignitions, and stainless-steel vaporiser plates, dust covers, and drip trays.

When it comes to gas braais and grillers, Home Fires is your first choice in South Africa. If you want more info on our selection, please browse our website for prices and specifications. Get your hands on a gas braai this winter with Home Fires on your side.

Stainless-Steel Braai

Built-in and Freestanding Stainless-Steel Braais

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Stainless-Steel Braai

Your Supplier of Stainless-Steel Braais in South Africa

South Africans love to get together and braai over the weekends and whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you are looking for a stainless-steel braai, Home Fires is your answer to a sensible variety. Ranging from a mobile camping braai to a built-in combo braai, we cover your needs to ensure that you can buy the ideal unit for your needs.

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