Closed Slow-Combustion Built-In Fireplaces in South Africa

When you want to buy and install a built-in fireplace or braai in your home, Home Fires is your answer to a wide selection in South Africa! Our range of closed slow-combustion built-in fireplaces can be your solution to heat generation without needing electricity – which comes in handy during unexpected power outages and loadshedding periods. Today, we discuss closed slow-combustion fireboxes and what you can expect from our selection at Home Fires.

What is the Difference Between an Open and Closed Slow-Combustion Fireplace?

When comparing an open fireplace to a closed slow-combustion fireplace, there are clear distinctions to be made between the 2. An open firebox does not have a front door that seals in the fire and should not be installed in a room that has poor ventilation. Since the fire is exposed to outer elements with an open fireplace, the fire tends to run out faster. With a closed slow-combustion firebox, the fire sits in a controlled area that does not smother the fire but controls the burn rate instead for longer burning fires.

The Dovre 2100S

Dovre is one of the leading brands of closed slow-combustion fireplaces in the world, and Home Fires is your supplier in South Africa. The Dovre 2100S delivers a built-in fireplace that features a convection box, riddling grate, handle, and door. This fireplace has a nominal performance output rating of 10 kW and burns at 78% efficiency. It can generate heat for a minimum room volume of 280 m³ and does not have any outside air connection. Its flue pipe outlet location sits on top of the firebox to simplify flue pipe installation through a chimney or section of the roof.

The Bellido Llama Crystal 80 Double-Sided Built-In Fireplace

If you want a double-sided built-in fireplace that offers a stunning façade, the Bellido Llama Crystal 80 double-sided fireplace is your ideal option. This firebox features 2 doors, a cold handle, and a 4-sided trim frame. This fireplace burns at 79% efficiency, with a nominal performance output rating of 10 kW. It can generate heat for a minimum room volume of 336 m³ and does not feature an outside air connection. This fireplace can be installed as a room divider in large areas as well.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want a wide range of built-in fireplaces in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available selection and place your order with us today. Beat the cold and the power outages with your own closed slow-combustion fireplace and Home Fires in your corner!

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