Closed Slow Combustion Woodburning Fireplaces

A Closed Woodburning Fireplace for Your Home

Home Fires offers a selection of closed slow-combustion woodburning fireplaces that can transform the way you heat up your living room during the colder winter months in South Africa. Modern homes tend to utilise electrical appliances and underfloor heating to get rooms up to temperature. However, these appliances ramp up the electricity bills during the winter months. With a woodburning fireplace, you can generate heat without the need for electricity. Whether you prefer a built-in or freestanding unit, Home Fires can assist you.

Built-In Woodburning Fireplaces

When it comes to modern fireplaces, Dovre is one of the leading brands in the business. As a Dovre supplier in South Africa, Home Fires offers a sensible selection of their closed slow-combustion fireplaces to choose from, including the Vista 700 I. This built-in fireplace features a simplistic and elegant façade that frames the interior to make it fit with almost any wall colour and style. It also features a built-in fan to assist with convection hot air circulation, totally independent of the fire and the chimney.

The Dovre Vista 700 has a nominal performance output of 10 kW and can heat up a room volume of 280 m³. It features top and rear flue pipe outlets to allow you to vent the smoke through the roof or through a sidewall, dependent on which option would be the best. It also has an outside air connection to ensure that the fire does not suffocate inside the box once it is sealed. Therefore, if you want a modern built-in slow combustion woodburning fireplace, the Dovre Vista 700 is the perfect solution for the majority of living and dining rooms.

Freestanding Woodburning Fireplaces

Our selection of Dovre fireplaces includes their freestanding range as well – featuring unique designs that spark conversation and add to the overall aesthetic of the interior design of your home. The Dovre Bold 300 is an ideal example of a modernistic freestanding fireplace, with a monolithic design that is fitting for any modern home. This slow combustion fireplace can heat up a room volume of 196 m³ and is ideally installed next to a sidewall or in the corner of the room.

If you are looking for a closed slow combustion woodburning fireplace for your home, Home Fires is your supplier in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available fireplaces and braais and make your house a home with a brand-new fireplace today.

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