Closed System Woodburning Fireplaces in South Africa

Do you want an alternative method to generate heat in your home without relying on electricity? Home Fires is your solution to a wide selection of closed system woodburning fireplaces! Home Fires is South Africa’s supplier of Dovre fireplaces and offers a sensible selection of models to choose from. Today, we will look at a few of our popular options and how these fireplaces can add some aesthetic value to your home.

Creatively Designed Fireplaces

Dovre’s range of closed slow-combustion fireplaces features creative designs to catch your eye as you walk into the room. For their built-in units, they have designed framed façades to put the fireplace at the centre of attention when looking at the unit. For their freestanding unit, they offer modernistic monolith designs, as well as vintage old-school fireplace designs to cater to your personal preferences. At Home Fires, we offer both freestanding and built-in options to deliver a wide selection of closed system woodburning fireplaces in South Africa.

The Dovre 2100S

The Dovre 2100S offers a simplistic design for a closed system woodburning fireplace. This built-in unit is ideal for homes with dedicated wall cavities and chimneys. It houses a convection firebox with a riddling grate and a door to close the face of the fireplace. The Dovre 2100S has a nominal performance rating of 10 kW and can generate heat for a room volume of 280 m³. This fireplace does not have an outside air connection and has a flue pipe outlet on top of the unit to ventilate smoke through the chimney or roof. Additionally, we sell accommodating installation accessories that include flue pipes and cowls.

The Dovre Classic 250

If you are looking for a freestanding closed system woodburning fireplace that stands out from the proverbial crowd, the Dovre Classic 250 is your essential choice. This freestanding fireplace features a vintage design that pays homage to classic woodburning fireplaces of old. It is ideally installed next to a side wall or corner of a room and features a top and rear flue pipe outlet to allow for venting through a side wall. It can generate heat for a room volume of 168 m³ and will fit perfectly in larger living areas in your home.

Home Fires is your supplier of closed system woodburning fireplaces in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available units from Dovre and feel free to contact us directly to request a quotation or enquire about a specific fireplace.

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