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Beating the Winter Chills with an Indoor Slow-Combustion Fireplace

Modern homes are properly insulated and generally feature floor heating and/or air conditioning to control the indoor temperatures. However, these heating features depend on electricity use to heat up your home during the cold Winter months. Apart from ramping up the utility bills, we also face constant load shedding in South Africa. Therefore, your home needs an alternative source of heat that can function independently. This is where our selection of indoor slow-combustion fireplaces can be your solution to warm up your home in style.

How Does an Indoor Fireplace Work?

Closed slow-combustion fireplaces can be built into the wall of your home and are also available in freestanding units. These fireplaces close shut to ensure that smoke will not seep into your home, and rather be vented through a flue pipe that either goes out through the roof or a sidewall, dependent on the installation. As a result, you can enjoy the heat and aesthetics of a fire in your own home, without having to worry about the smoke that is generated by the fire, or expensive electrical bills as a result of using electric heaters and air conditioners.

Freestanding Slow-Combustion Fireplaces

At Home Fires, we supply a wide range of closed slow-combustion fireplaces in South Africa. Our selection of freestanding units includes several Dovre units to choose from. These units feature unique designs that will add to the aesthetic design of your home as opposed to standing out like a sore thumb. The Dovre Astroline 3 CB is an excellent choice when you want a freestanding unit that will spark conversation while making your home toasty and cosy.

The Astroline 3 CB stands on a pedestal, with a top and rear flue pipe outlet. This closed slow-combustion fireplace is intended to hold wood fires and has a heating area of 224 m³ that could easily heat up a medium-sized room. The unit includes a fireplace, ashtray, door, side glass panels, and the pedestal it stands on. Its modernistic design makes it ideal for modern home designs and layouts, only taking up a small amount of floorspace, but filling the room with natural heat energy that runs on wood as opposed to electricity.

Home Fires is your first choice when it comes to indoor slow-combustion fireplaces in South Africa. We also have braai accessories to keep you stocked for the weekends. Please browse our website for details and prices on our available units. Take advantage of an indoor fireplace that does not need electricity to heat up your home this Winter.

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