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Closed Slow-Combustion Fireplaces for Your Home

Winter has hit hard this year in South Africa, with several cold fronts that swept over the country. Most households would instantly resort to electric heaters or air conditioners to heat up a room in the cold Winter months. However, such appliances can drastically ramp up the utility bills at the end of the month. Home Fires offers an alternative solution to generate some heat in a room with a closed slow-combustion fireplace. Such a fireplace will also add its own unique touch to the interior design of the room it stands in and can be an ideal solution to beat the heat without blowing your utility bill through the roof.

What is a Closed Slow-Combustion Fireplace?

As South Africans, we love our braais and sitting around an open fire underneath the stars on a camping trip at night. A closed slow-combustion fireplace brings that warm and inviting feeling of a campfire to your home. These units are sealed to ensure that the smoke of the fire does not flood into your home, but rather vent through a flue pipe that goes through the roof or wall that the unit is standing next to. Therefore, you can heat up a room without relying on electricity to power the heat. Home Fires offers freestanding and built-in units to suit your preferences.

Innovative Designs to Complement Your Interior Design

Our selection of closed slow-combustion fireplaces includes beautifully designed units that will add to the aesthetic value of your home as opposed to standing out like a sore thumb. Dovre’s freestanding units feature monolithic designs to fit with a modern interior design, along with vintage designs for those who love “old school” vibes. These units are ideally placed next to a wall and can provide heat for small and medium rooms such as a home office, living room, or dining room.

Dovre’s selection of built-in slow-combustion fireplaces is designed to fit into a side wall, with a choice between single- or double-sided units. The double-sided units are ideal to function as a room divider for large rooms and can also be installed in a wall between 2 rooms. They also feature aesthetic design elements to add to the rugged and robust characteristics of a steel-framed fireplace.

If you are looking for a new and innovative way to beat the heat throughout the Winter, Home Fires is your first choice. We offer freestanding and built-in closed slow-combustion fireplaces with all the add-ons that you need, along with braais and accessories. Please browse our website for details on our available units.

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