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Closed Slow-Combustion Fireplaces for Your Home

South Africa is experiencing one of the coldest Winters in years, and along with load shedding, it can be a real hassle to heat up your home. Luckily, Home Fires has a solution that does not require electricity to generate and sustain heat. Our selection of closed slow-combustion fireplaces will allow you to enjoy the natural heat of a closed and controlled fire in your home in style.

How Does an Indoor Slow-Combustion Fireplace Work?

These units are built to ventilate smoke through flue pipes that have outdoor outlets, either going through the roof or through a sidewall. Therefore, when you get a fire going, you can simply close the unit and enjoy the heat that it gives off without having to worry about a monstrous utility bill at the end of the month. Usually, you can use wood or charcoal in these units as well.

Different Types of Slow-Combustion Fireplaces

We offer closed slow-combustion fireplaces in freestanding or built-in units, catering to your preferences. With a built-in unit, the fireplace is integrated into a sidewall, creating a lovely wall display as well when used. Our selection of freestanding units features monolithic shapes for a modernistic aesthetic.

Dovre Built-In Fireplaces

Our selection of Dovre built-in slow-combustion fireplaces is ideal for rooms with open sidewalls where a fireplace can be fitted without causing any disruptions. The Dovre 2100S features a robust and rustic design that is perfect for making your room toasty in the Winter months. This fireplace can heat up a room volume of 280 m³ and runs on wood or anthracite charcoal. The unit includes a convection box, riddling grate, handle, and door, with a top flue pipe outlet that can vent the smoke through the roof.

Dovre Freestanding Fireplaces

Dovre’s selection of freestanding fireplaces is unique and designed to add an aesthetic element to your room. As opposed to being built into a wall, these fireplaces take on their own character by standing free from a solid structure. As a result, they are available in monolithic and vintage designs to fit your preferences and the interior design of your home.

If you want to warm up your home this Winter, Home Fires is your first choice. Whether you prefer a built-in or freestanding slow-combustion fireplace, we have what you need. We also sell braais and accessories to ensure that you can keep your fires going at home. Please browse our website for details on our available units. Kick the cold to the kerb with us on your side.

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