Dovre Fireplace South Africa

Warm Up Your Home with a Dovre Fireplace

Winter is coming, and most of us will be working at home this year during the colder months in South Africa. Luckily, Home Fires has your back to make your home office nice and toasty. We stock a variety of Dovre indoor fireplaces, including built-in and freestanding units to suit your preferences. As a result, you can enjoy a warm home that is heated up by a fireplace as opposed to an air conditioner or electric heater.

Adding More Than Just a Fireplace

Dovre freestanding fireplaces have unique and aesthetically pleasing designs to add more than just a fireplace to your home. The Bold series features a monolithic design that looks modern and innovative, while the Classic series delivers a vintage aesthetic. Dovre’s Vista series of built-in fireplaces is suitable to a modern home design as well, with a black frame design that fits perfectly into a side wall to add aesthetic value to the room. Therefore, you cannot go wrong when choosing a Dovre fireplace for your home in South Africa.

A Conventional Dovre Built-In Fireplace

The Dovre 2520S with fans features a conventional design that can be a nice fit in your home. The unit includes a convention box, riddling grate, handle, and door, weighing a total of 160 kg. This fireplace can run on wood or anthracite (hard coal), with a top flue pipe outlet to allow for ventilation. It can cover an approximate heating area of 280 m³ to give you a good idea of the room size in which you can install this fireplace in your home.

A Modern Dovre Freestanding Fireplace

In South Africa, modern interior designs are popular choices for young adults. If you want to add some modern design elements to your home, the Dovre Bold 400 freestanding fireplace is a perfect choice. This fireplace features a monolithic, capsule-shaped design that weighs 145 kg to ensure that it is sturdy. The unit includes an ash tray and a door, covering an approximate heating area of 196 m³. It has a top/rear flue pipe outlet to allow for ventilation and runs solely on wood.

If you want to warm up your home this Winter, Home Fires is your first choice when you want to buy a Dovre fireplace in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website for details on our fireplaces, including images, specifications, and prices. We also sell braai accessories to ensure that you are stocked for the weekends.

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