Dovre Fireplace South Africa

Dovre Closed Slow-Combustion Indoor Fireplaces in South Africa

Winter is here and it is that time of the year when we want to heat up our homes. Some homes have floor heating systems, while others have conventional air conditioners. We offer indoor fireplaces that warm up your home in style while adding aesthetic value as well. Our selection of Dovre indoor fireplaces includes slow-combustion units that have unique modern or vintage designs, as well as a choice between built-in and freestanding units.

Indoor Fireplaces vs Conventional Heaters

Conventional heaters run on electricity and ramp up the utility bills during the cold Winter months. With an indoor fireplace, you do not have to worry about using too much electricity to warm up your room for the entire day. Conventional heaters do not add to a room’s aesthetics either, standing out like a sore thumb in comparison to other furniture and appliances. A Dovre indoor fireplace has an appealing design and allows you to enjoy the sights, sounds, and heat of a crackling fire in your own home. Home Fires is your answer when you want a Dovre fireplace in South Africa.

Freestanding and Built-In Options

Dovre Bold freestanding fireplaces feature a monolith-inspired design that will add a modern look and feel to your room. We also offer vintage designs that will complement your room and be a nice talking point when having some friends over. The Dovre Classic 250 is such a unit, offering a unique vintage design that is both beautiful and efficient. This unit can heat up a room of 168 m³, with top and rear flue pipe outlets to vent the unit. You can use wood or anthracite charcoal in this fireplace, both of which we can supply as well.

Built-in fireplaces are usually installed directly into the wall, typically connected to a vertical outlet to allow the smoke to escape and not rush into the room. The Dovre 2520S is an ideal unit for your home, with a simplistic design and built-in fans that can heat up a room of 280 m³. The unit includes a convention box and riddling grate as well. This fireplace can house wood or anthracite fires.

If you are looking for an indoor Dovre fireplace in South Africa, Home Fires is your first choice. We also offer essential braai accessories and supplies to keep your fires going throughout this Winter. For more info on our indoor fireplace units, please browse our website for images and prices. Make your home cosy this Winter with one of our fireplaces.

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