Dovre Fireplace South Africa

Dovre Indoor Fireplaces to Modernise Your Home

Are you looking for a fireplace or wood stove that can warm up your living room? Home Fires offers a wide selection of indoor fireplaces with modern, classic, and retro designs to fit the interior design of your home. Our range includes a variety of Dovre fireplaces and stoves that can easily be integrated into the layout and design of your living room, kitchen, or dining room. These fireplaces and stoves can bring a room to life, whether they stand alone against a wall or integrated into the design of the wall.

Dovre Fireplaces and Stoves in South Africa

Home Fires is your first choice in South Africa when you want to buy and install a Dovre fireplace in your home. The Dovre BOLD300 is a stand-alone wood stove with a modern design and a functional size to complement a room. It features a round, monolithic design with a “slam-lock” closing system to serve as a single air supply control. The BOLD300 is connectible to outside air via a 150-mm top or rear chimney connection. This stove runs on wood and features a fire grate combustion floor, able to take logs of up to 35 cm. Now, you can enjoy the toasty and embracing warmth of a wood stove, along with a modern design to spruce up your room.

We also offer the Dovre ROCK 350 WB/E12. This indoor stove stands on a wood box to ensure that you do not run out of wood and have room for stacking logs for your fireplace. The combustion floor features a refractory bottom with an ash hatch and tray to make it easy to clean your Dovre. You also have the option of installing a heat shield on this stove, allowing you to reduce the heat being put out by the indoor stove.

What Can Home Fires Offer Me?

Apart from our wide selection of Dovre fireplaces that are available in South Africa, we can also assist with built-in braais and accessories. Our accessories include flue pipes, cowls, and pipe connection accessories to allow you to install your indoor fireplace the way you see fit. We also offer a variety of braai and fireplace accessories to make the best out of your indoor fireplace.

If you are looking for a Dovre indoor fireplace in South Africa, Home Fires has you covered. For more info on our available stock, please browse our website for images and prices. Modernise your home today with a modern indoor fireplace or wood stove.

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