Dovre Fireplaces

A Modern Fireplace for a Modern Home

Indoor fireplaces are becoming a more functional solution for South African homes, not only as a trendy modern design element, but also as a means to generate heat without the need of electricity. Dovre offers a wide range of modernistic indoor fireplaces, with freestanding and built-in variants to choose from. If you are looking for a Dovre fireplace in South Africa, Home Fires is your supplier. We also offer vent-free gas-powered fireplaces to ensure that you can get the ideal fireplace for your home.

Dovre’s Approach to Modern Freestanding and Built-In Fireplaces

There is something special about a wood/coal fire apart from providing heat. Dovre fireplaces are designed to highlight the fire – with creative and innovative façade designs for their built-in units and efficient and stylistic designs for their freestanding units. The purpose of an indoor fireplace is to generate heat for the room in which it stands. Dovre adds an aesthetic element to their fireplaces as well, adding to the interior design elements of the room to showcase the fire as opposed to only standing out like a sore thumb.

Freestanding Fireplaces

If you want a Dovre freestanding fireplace, the unit will most likely be installed next to a side wall for optimal efficiency. The fireplace must be vented through the roof or the adjacent side wall, and we can supply the necessary flue pipes along with the fireplace. Dovre’s selection of freestanding fireplaces features modern monolithic and vintage designs to give you a sensible choice of which type of aesthetic you prefer. These units can be a feasible option for almost any room in your home.

Built-In Fireplaces

Built-in Dovre fireplaces are ideally installed directly into a side wall, venting through the wall to ensure that the smoke is not trapped inside the house. Once again, Dovre goes the extra mile to make the aesthetic of their built-in fireplaces attractive and inviting. Therefore, it adds to the room inn more ways than just generating heat. We can provide the fireplace and the accommodating accessories to give you the means to enjoy an indoor fireplace that will save you money when you want to heat up your home and does not need electricity to keep the heat going.

Home Fires is your first choice when you are looking for a Dovre fireplace in South Africa. Our website is where you can find all the information on our available Dovre products, including images, prices, and specifications on these units. Please contact us today for a quotation and get yourself a Dovre fireplace for your home today.

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