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Indoor fireplaces are making a comeback in modern households because of their efficiency to operate without any electricity. Being utilised as a modern interior design element as well, Dovre indoor fireplaces feature distinct and creative modernistic designs to match the interior of your home as opposed to standing out like a sore thumb. If you are looking for a Dovre indoor fireplace in South Africa, Home Fires is your supplier – with a wide range of Dovre fireplaces to choose from.

Wood/Coal Indoor Fireplaces

Conventional fireplaces are fuelled by wood/coal fires and must be properly ventilated to ensure that the generated smoke can escape through the roof or a side wall and not be trapped indoors. Dovre’s selection of wood/coal indoor fireplaces feature flue pipe exits to channel the smoke outdoors. We also sell accommodating accessories with our fireplaces, ensuring that you have everything to safely vent the smoke when installing the fireplace.

Vent-Free Indoor Fireplaces

Dovre also offers a selection of vent-free indoor fireplaces that are fuelled by gas as opposed to wood or coal. With a drastic decrease of smoke generation from a gas grate in comparison to a wood/coal fire, there is no need to vent the smoke through the roof or a side wall. We offer our gas fireplaces with a selection between 3 distinct gas grate types – a standard white pebble grate, a coal grate, or a Real-Fyre gas log set. Therefore, you can choose the type of gas grate that fits your style and the interior design of your home.

Freestanding and Built-In Dovre Fireplaces

Whether you prefer a conventional wood/coal or a vent-free gas fireplace, our selection of Dovre fireplaces has you covered. These fireplaces are available as either freestanding or built-in units. The freestanding units are ideally placed next to a side wall or in the corner of the room, while the built-in units are ideally fitted directly into a side wall or used as a room divider in large rooms. Dovre’s freestanding fireplaces feature monolithic designs, while their built-in fireplaces are designed to look like a modern picture frame to add aesthetic value to your home.

When you want a Dovre fireplace for your home, Home Fires is your supplier in South Africa. We offer built-in and freestanding fireplaces, along with braais and accessories, to cater to all your needs. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available Dovre fireplaces and make your house a home with Home Fires on your side.

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