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Get Your Hands on a Dovre Fireplace in 2022

Are you looking for a supplier of Dovre fireplaces in South Africa? Home Fires is your answer! We offer a wide variety of built-in and freestanding Dovre fireplaces to suit your needs and preferences. These fireplaces feature unique and attractive modernistic designs to also add aesthetic value to your home. Therefore, you can start the new year right by getting your hands on a Dovre fireplace with our selection.

Should I Choose a Built-In or Freestanding Model?

This depends on your home and personal preference. Some homes have dedicated space for a fireplace, with an accommodating chimney to vent the smoke through the roof. As a result, a built-in Dovre unit can be an ideal fit. Built-in units can also be considered when expanding your home or constructing a new room. Freestanding Dovre fireplaces feature unique monolithic designs that can spark conversation and add to the interior design elements of your home. Such fireplaces are ideally placed next to a sidewall and can vent through either the roof or the wall from such a location.

Dovre Closed Slow-Combustion Fireplaces

Our selection of Dovre closed slow-combustion fireplaces can serve as a means to generate heat in your home without having to rely on electrical appliances. Having an independent heat source will also give you the means to use your fireplace whenever you want to, even when you have no electricity as a result of an outage or loadshedding. These fireplaces showcase the wood/coal fire as well – not just being a source of heat, but also being attractive to look at.

The Dovre Vista 700 I fireplace features a black framed façade and is designed for wood fires. This model includes a convection box, fan, ashtray, door, and handle, with an outside air connection and top and rear flue pipe outlets. It can generate heat for a room volume of up to 280 m³, making it perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and similar room sizes.

The Dovre Bold 400 freestanding fireplace features a black monolithic design that fits perfectly with modern interior design elements. It can heat up a room volume of up to 196 m³ and can be ideal for almost any room in your home. It also features a controllable air supply to ensure that the wood fire has enough oxygen to sustain while being sealed in the unit itself.

Home Fires is your supplier of Dovre closed slow-combustion fireplaces in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available fireplaces and feel free to contact us directly with any enquiries.

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