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Your Supplier of Dovre Fireplaces in South Africa

Are you looking to buy a Dovre indoor fireplace for your home? Home Fires is your supplier in South Africa – with a wide range of Dovre units that include freestanding and built-in models to choose from. These fireplaces feature unique designs to add aesthetic value to the room and draw interest while the fire inside heats up the room without the need for electricity or gas. If you like an old-school fireplace with a unique and modernistic twist, a Dovre indoor fireplace is your ideal pick.

How Does an Indoor Fireplace Function?

Usually, open fires are not ideal for indoor purposes, as the flames and embers can cause furniture, rugs, and curtains to catch fire. Therefore, before the time of electricity, homes would commonly feature fireplaces that had chimneys to vent out the smoke from the fire while the fire heats up the room. With a resurgence of fireplaces in homes, a modern Dovre fireplace can warm up your home in style. Whether it is a freestanding or built-in unit, Dovre fireplaces feature flue pipe exits to vent the smoke safely through the roof or sidewall, with closed see-through faces to ensure that the smoke does not escape through the firebox itself.

A Monolithic Design for Freestanding Units

Dovre’s selection of freestanding closed slow-combustion fireplaces includes a range of monolith-inspired designs for a modern and appealing addition to a living area. These units are ideally placed next to a sidewall and does not require any intrusive construction work to install directly into a wall, which is the case with their selection of built-in units. Their freestanding units also include a range of “old-school” vintage-inspired designs if you prefer such a design over a modernistic monolith design.

Built-In Dovre Fireplaces

Our selection of built-in Dovre closed slow-combustion fireplaces delivers units that are perfect to fit into a sidewall. These units feature interior fans to regulate the heat, with flue pipe exits to efficiently vent the smoke from the fire through the roof. When buying a Dovre fireplace at Home Fires, you will also have a complete selection of accessories to accompany your purchase, including flue pipes, wall brackets, and insulated endcaps to ensure that you have everything for a complete install.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want to buy a Dovre fireplace for your home in South Africa. We offer a sensible range of freestanding and built-in units to suit your preferences. We also offer a range of vent-free gas fireplaces if you prefer your fires to be powered by gas instead of wood or coal. Contact us today for a quotation.

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