A Wide Range of Fireplaces for Your Home

Fireplaces are growing in popularity and making a huge comeback in modern homes. If you are looking for a supplier of quality fireplaces in South Africa, Home Fires is your answer! We offer a large variety that includes freestanding and built-in options to suit your preferences. We also offer a choice between wood/coal and gas-powered fireplaces. Therefore, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your home – whether you want a small wood burner for your home office, or a large built-in unit to act as a room divider in a large space.

Should I Choose a Woodburning or Gas-Powered Fireplace?

There is something magical about a woodburning or coal fireplace – creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a home. Our selection includes open and closed slow-combustion units to choose from. We also offer built-in and freestanding options for our woodburning units. The only big drawback is that woodburning units require proper ventilation to ensure that the generated smoke can safely vent through the roof or sidewall of the room. This brings us to our range of gas fireplaces.

Although they might not feature that intangible asset of a woodburning fire, gas-powered fireplaces produce a dramatically reduced amount of smoke, which means that they do not require similar venting and insulation in direct comparison with a woodburning fireplace. Therefore, you can enjoy an open fireplace that can also be customised with a choice of grates, whether you like white pebbles, coal grates, or Real-Fyre gas logs. No matter your preference, we have a fireplace that will suit your needs and make a real difference in your home during the colder winter months.

Be More Efficient with Heat Generation in Your Home

By installing a fireplace in your home, you can be more efficient when it comes to heat generation and controlling heat levels throughout various rooms. Some homes have underfloor heating, while others enjoy air conditioners or old-school trolley heaters. However, with a fireplace in your home, you can save on your electricity bill and enjoy the warm and toasty feeling of sitting next to the fireplace in the winter – no matter if loadshedding is rearing its ugly head once again.

Home fires is our solution to freestanding and built-in fireplaces and braais in South Africa. With winter around the corner, the time is perfect to invest in a fireplace for your home. Feel free to browse our website for specifications and prices on our available units and contact us today if you have any enquiries. Beat the cold this winter with Home Fire on your side.

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