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If you want to buy a fireplace for your home, Home Fires offers an extensive selection of fireplaces for you to choose from. Our selection includes open, closed, and gas fireplaces to ensure that you can get what you truly want for your home. We also sell the accommodating accessories to give you the means to do a proper installation, and in the case of venting, you can buy the flue pipes that you need directly from us.

Open Fireplaces

Nothing beats a classic open fireplace to turn your house into a home. For many people, an open fireplace is an ideal solution to keep warm, apart from using an electrically powered appliance. There is something special and inviting about the surrounding atmosphere that an open fire creates, radiating warmth that can heat up living rooms, lounges, and similar large room volumes in your home. We offer built-in, freestanding, double-sided, and octagonal options to give you a plethora of options when shopping for an open fireplace for your home.

Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces

The majority of modern homes incorporate gas for several functions, especially in the kitchen, to save electricity and overcome loadshedding. Our range of vent-free gas fireplaces is an ideal option for homes that have access to gas power and can add a modernistic touch to the interior design of your house as well. Gas fires generate drastically reduced levels of smoke in direct comparison to wood and coal fires, meaning that you will not need to vent the fireplace through the roof or sidewalls. Our selection includes various options for gas grates, covering white pebble grates, coal grates, and Real-Fyre gas logs.

Closed Slow Combustion Fireplaces

Closed slow combustion fireplaces are another popular choice for modern homes. By sealing the fireplace, smoke cannot be released directly into the house, making it possible to enjoy the welcoming and radiating warmth of a wood or coal fire within poorly ventilated rooms as well. These fireplaces require proper ventilation and an outside air connection to ensure that the smoke can ventilate through the roof or sidewall while the fire does not suffocate once the convection box is closed and sealed. We offer freestanding and built-in units in this category to choose from.

No matter your preference of fireplace, Home Fires has you covered – with a wide range of open, closed, and gas fireplaces in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available products and contact us today with any enquiries.

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