Freestanding Braai

Mobility and Versatility with a Freestanding Braai

As South Africans, we love to braai whenever we can find an excuse to light a fire and get together. For the most parts, homes will feature built-in braais or have a dedicated outdoor area set up for it. With a freestanding braai, you will not be limited to a specific area in the house or outside and can braai wherever and whenever you want. Home Fires offers a wide range of built-in and freestanding braais that can be an ideal addition for your summer holidays.

In the Backyard or In the Bushveld

No matter where you decide to spend your summer holiday this year, Home Fires has a freestanding braai that can go along with you. For the backyard, we have trolley braais that are ideal for the weekends and when people come over to visit. Mounted on a steel frame trolley, you can move it wherever you need it – when it rains, it goes under the roof, and when it is a lovely day out, it goes next to the pool. The mobility makes them easier to maintain and clean as well.

If you are planning to spend your holidays on a camping trip, our selection of foldable freestanding braais can follow you wherever you go. These braais are designed to be compact and are perfect for heading out into the wilderness for a weekend of camping. We offer braais that are available in mild steel and stainless steel, giving you the choice to buy a foldable braai that suits your preferences. Do not let the weather or your remote location be a factor when you want to light a fire and put some meat on the grill and get yourself a freestanding braai with Home Fires.

A Solution to Loadshedding for Cooking Food

In South Africa, the loadshedding situation is causing severe problems, especially for those who work from home. As we are accustomed to preparing meals at home, loadshedding is a huge speedbump in terms of utilising electronic appliances to cook and prepare food. With a freestanding braai, you do not need any electricity to ensure that you can enjoy a home-cooked meal. You just need to bring out that braai master inside of you and put your freestanding braai to good use!

Home Fires is your solution to freestanding braais in South Africa. Whether you prefer a trolley or foldable braai, our selection has you covered. Please browse our website for details on our available braais and get ready for the summer with Home Fires in your corner!

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