Freestanding Braai

Foldable and Trolley Braais for the Festive Holidays

Over the December holidays, we get the chance to break away from it all and just relax and recharge. South Africans are spoilt for choice when it comes to holiday destinations, as we have a lush bushveld, beautiful scenic landscapes, and large beaches at our doorstep. No matter where or how you decide to spend your festive holiday this year, we have an ideal braai that can join you on your holiday adventures, even if it is in the backyard!

The Perfect Camp Braai

If you love the great outdoors, our foldable freestanding braais are perfect for packing up and taking along on your next camping trip. Our foldable braais are sturdy and rigid, with a frame that folds into itself for compact packing solutions. Our mild steel Kamp braai includes an ember maker, 3 foldable work surfaces, and a poker to ensure that you are fully equipped to enjoy a camp braai in style, no matter where you are. We also offer add-ons for this braai, including a chicken rotisserie and a flat braai grid.

The Perfect Backyard Braai

Our range of freestanding trolley braais offers a selection of ideal options for the backyard at home. These braais are mounted onto rectangular trolley frames to allow you to move your braai to an ideal spot before lighting the fire. This feature also makes cleaning easier and more accessible. Our Model 1000 mobile trolley braai features an integrated ashpan, an ember maker, and a potjie holder to ensure that you have no problems starting a fire, cleaning out the ash, or getting a potjie going when using your trolley braai.

Should I Use Wood or Coal?

With our freestanding braais, you can use either wood or coal for your fires. Therefore, it will come down to your own preferences or using whatever you have available at the time. Using wood to braai is very common, especially when you are camping out underneath the stars for the night. However, charcoal takes up less space and is easier to get going than a wood fire. Our range of freestanding braais will not limit you in your options, and rather expand your options to prepare your meals the way you want to go about it.

Home Fires is your answer to quality freestanding trolley and foldable braais in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available freestanding braais, covering prices, images, specifications, and accessories that pair with each unit. Make the most of the festive holidays with a brand-new braai!

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