Freestanding Braais

Freestanding Braai

New Year, New Freestanding Braai

At the start of a new year, people usually make resolutions for the upcoming year that fade as quickly as the hype around the new year. For this year, instead of making a new year’s resolution, you can make an investment and get a freestanding braai for your home. Home Fires has you covered on this front, offering freestanding and built-in braai units, along with the accommodating accessories, to blow some new life into your home in 2022.

The Benefits of a Freestanding Braai

When considering a freestanding braai unit in direct comparison to a built-in unit, there are a few key benefits that you can expect. Freestanding units can be installed anywhere – without the need too have or create space in a sidewall. Ideally, such units are installed next to a sidewall for the most efficient placement in a room. These units can also be installed in a lapa, veranda, or porch with a roof. Therefore, if you want a proper braai unit but do not have the allocated space in a sidewall, a freestanding braai unit can be your solution.

Our Range of Super Deluxe Freestanding Braais

Our Super Deluxe freestanding braai range includes 3 distinct units to choose from. The 800 unit includes a box stand, 2,4-m flue pipe, and a rotating cowl base and top to ensure that you can properly ventilate the smoke through the roof. We also include insulation material and touch-up paint to allow you to properly finish off the installation and ensure that everything is properly insulated. The braai itself includes an ashpan, grid, grid lifters, a potjie holder, spade, and poker for a complete package. You also get an ash drawer to make cleaning a little easier.

Our 1000 and 1200 model Super Deluxe freestanding braais feature 2 half grids that can be placed at different heights for more control over the heat temperatures while you cook your foods. These braai units also include an ember maker between the half grids. We sell a variety of accessories along with our braai units that include flue pipe extensions and fittings to ensure that you can properly vent your braai.

If you want a new freestanding braai to kick off 2022, Home Fires is your answer in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website to find out more about our available braais and contact us today for a quotation request. Enjoy your weekends at home with a proper braai unit in 2022.

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