Freestanding Braais for Sale in South Africa

With the end of 2023 rapidly approaching, people are getting in the summer holidays mood, and there isn’t a better time of year to get your hands on a brand-new braai for your home. Home Fires offers a comprehensive selection that includes built-in and freestanding braais to ensure that you get the ideal braai for your home. We also have mobile braais that are perfect options for backyard braais and camping. In this article, we focus on freestanding braais and what you can expect from our selection.

The Super Deluxe Freestanding Braai Model Range

Our selection of freestanding braais is specifically designed for areas that do not have dedicated wall cavities and chimneys – delivering a stand-alone unit that includes a vertical 2,4-m flue pipe extension and a rotating cowl base and top. These braais have their own box stands that can be used for storage purposes and be an ideal area to store charcoal and wood. Home Fires offers 3 models in our range of Super Deluxe freestanding braais – starting with the Model 800.

The Model 800 delivers simplicity and functionality – with a single braai table that has a grid size of 780 mm x 460 mm. It features an ash drawer as well to simplify cleaning afterwards. This model is ideally installed in the corner or against a side wall of a properly ventilated area and can be a perfect fit for a Lapa or veranda.

The Model 1000 offers a freestanding braai with 2 half-size table braai grids, as well as an ember maker. The split grid allows for more possibilities – as both grids are height-adjustable, and the braai can handle both wood and charcoal fires. Both grids are 400 mm x 460 mm to deliver plenty of braai area for when you have guests over during this upcoming summer holiday!

The Model 1200 is the big boy in this selection of freestanding braais. Featuring a similar design to the Model 1000, the Model 1200 offers increased table braai grid sizes – with two 500 mm x 460 mm grids on both sides of the ember maker. All the units in this range feature potjie holders, ashpans, and grid lifters, and the braais are available in stainless steel on special order as well.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want to buy a freestanding braai for your home in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website and place your order with us today. Get your braai on during this upcoming summer holiday with Home Fires in your corner!

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