Gas Braai

Gas Flat Top and Built-In Braais for Your Home

Cooking with gas has made a triumphant return to kitchens around the world whether it is in a modern home kitchen or in a professional restaurant. The simple reason for the sudden surge of gas-powered cooking appliances is because of the ultimate control over heat levels that gas burners give in comparison to induction or open fires. As a result, cooking food with gas is considered as one of the most efficient and accurate ways to do it. With Home Fires, you can get yourself a gas braai for your home to take advantage of gas-powered cooking at home.

The Benefits of Gas Braais

When you braai with an open fire that is fuelled by wood or coal, the fire generates a lot of smoke. Therefore, you need proper ventilation if you have a built-in braai. However, with a gas braai, the smoke levels are drastically reduced, so you do not have to worry so much about directly venting the smoke. On top of that, a shortage in electricity is no problem for a gas-powered burner. During loadshedding, you can simply fire up your burner and get to cooking.

Flat Top Gas Braais for the Kitchen

Modern kitchens tend to utilise gas-powered flat tops with cooking hoods for optimal control in the kitchen. We offer a range of flat top gas braais that are perfect for the kitchen, giving you the means to take your cooking to the next level with gas-powered burners. A 3-burner flat top grill is a good all-round option, offering 500 mm x 200 mm grill space. This makes it perfect for the weekend braais, Sunday lunches, and family dinners.

Built-In Gas and Combo Braais

In South Africa, it is very common to have a built-in braai in your home. If your home does not yet have one, Home Fires is your answer, as we can provide a built-in braai, along with all the necessary accessories, that will fit your preferences perfectly. Moreover, we offer built-in gas braai options to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of cooking with gas. Our combo units give you the best of both worlds – with space for a wood-coal fire and gas burners in a single braai unit.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want a proper gas braai for your home. Please browse our website to find the ideal gas braai unit and contact us for a quotation today. Get your braai on this summer holidays with Home Fires on your side!

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