Gas Braai

Your Supplier of Gas Braais in South Africa

Are you looking for a gas braai in South Africa? Home Fires is your answer! We offer built-in and griller top solutions to give you a sensible selection of gas-powered braais for your home. Several modern kitchen appliances utilise gas as it is more controllable in terms of heat and temperatures, making these appliances ideal for professional kitchen usage as well. Gas braais do not need electricity to function, which means that they are cost-effective and can serve as a means to cook food during loadshedding and power interruptions.

Built-In Gas Braais

Built-in gas braai units are perfect for those who want a multiple burner top griller within a built-in unit in their homes. We offer a range of Super Deluxe Gas built-in braais – with our 800 model that sports a 4-burner top and our 1 000 model that has a 5-burner top. The units include top and bottom doors and light fittings, with insulation material and touch-up paint to ensure that you can properly finish off the installation. We also sell accommodating accessories that include flue pipes and cowls to allow you to properly ventilate the units.

Our range of combo built-in braais gives you the best of both worlds – with room for a wood/coal fire alongside a gas burner top. These units also include potjie holders to ensure that you can bring out the true braai master in you and not be limited to how you wish to utilise your built-in unit. We offer several options for our combo braais, covering different sizes of gas burner tops that range from a 2-burner to a 5-burner.

Gas Griller Braais

A gas griller braai is one of the easiest and simplistic methods of cooking food over a fire. There is no need for any wood, coal, or firelighters to get the party started. Simply throw on the gas at a desired temperature and you are ready to go. We offer 5 options in our range of gas griller braais, ranging from 2-burner to 5-burner flat tops. These braais can be installed in a dedicated area or in your outdoor kitchen, underneath a cooking hood to ensure that the generated smoke is ventilated properly.

When you want to buy a gas braai for your home, Home Fires is your first choice in South Africa. Our selection will ensure that you can choose the perfect gas braai to suit your needs and preferences. Please browse our website for specifications, prices, and availability of our units, or contact us directly if you have any questions about our braais.

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