Gas Braai

Get Your Hands on a Gas Braai for Your Home

Do you prefer to cook with gas? Home Fires is your solution when it comes to gas braais for your home! We offer built-in, freestanding, combo, and burner-top gas braais to ensure that you can get your hands on the perfect braai to suit your preferences. We also offer a wide selection of fireplaces that could change the way you heat up your home during the colder winter months. Today, we will focus on our ranges of gas braais that could be an ideal addition in your home/kitchen!

The Benefits of Cooking with Gas

Gas-powered kitchen appliances are the most popular choice when it comes to cooking – not only on a professional level, but also at home. Our selection of countertop gas braais is perfect for a home that has a cooking hood in the kitchen. With gas power, you have more control over the temperatures of your fire, which saves valuable time when it comes to getting the braai going. In comparison to a regular wood/coal fire, gas fires can instantly be set to optimum temperatures for your meats.

With multiple gas burners, your gas braai can simultaneously cook at different temperatures, which comes in handy when you have several people over for a braai. Our range of combo braai units also have dedicated space for conventional wood/coal fires if you want the best of both worlds and cater to an even larger audience of guests. We all have our own preferences when it comes to braai, and with a combo unit, your options are boundless.

No Need for Electricity

In South Africa, we must find ways to work around consistent power cuts as a result of loadshedding. With a gas braai, you do not need electricity to generate heat and cook food – you simply need gas. Therefore, gas burner tops can be your answer to prepare and cook food while the electricity is out. These units can also be a feasible solution to save on your monthly utilities bill on top of getting around loadshedding. We also offer gas fireplaces that can generate heat in your home during the upcoming winter months without the need for electricity.

Home Fires is your first choice when it comes to gas braais and fireplaces in South Africa. We offer a wide selection to ensure that you can get the ideal braai for your home. Please browse our website for details that include images, specifications, and prices on our available units. Elevate your braai game with Home Fires on your side.

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