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The Ideal Gas Braai for Your Home

In South Africa, braai is a large part of our culture and tradition, as we love to socialise around preparing and cooking meals. However, during the colder winter months, it becomes increasingly difficult to have a proper outdoor braai. Luckily, Home Fires offers a solution – with a wide range of built-in and freestanding braais that can be installed indoors. We also have a range of gas-burner braais that are ideal for homes with cooking hoods. Now, you can bring the braai inside and avoid the cold weather outside!

The Benefits of Using a Gas Braai

Gas cooking appliances have become an industry standard for several professional chefs around the world as a result of the accurate temperature control of a gas burner top. When it comes to making a fire to braai on, it is crucial to wait for the perfect heat temperatures before putting the meat on the grill. With a gas braai, you can instantly generate the ideal cooking temperatures to get the braai going. Gas burner tops can also sustain a specific heat temperature more consistently, meaning that your fire never burns out or gets cold if you need to cook large amounts.

The Best of Both Worlds

At Home Fires, we also offer combo built-in braai units that feature a dedicated conventional braai area as well as a gas burner top to give you the best of both worlds in a single braai. These unit are perfect for accommodating several preferences and cooking on different temperatures at the same time. We also sell the necessary accessories to round off your installation and give you the equipment to properly vent your braai, with our selection including flue pipes, cowls, and wall brackets.

A More Cost-Effective Solution

Gas burner tops can be used for daily food preparation and cooking purposes in your kitchen as well. Apart from being ideal to braai on, a gas burner top can be a cost-effective method to cook dinners in the evenings or breakfast in the mornings, as these tops are powered by gas and does not need any electricity to generate heat. This aspect makes gas burner tops more appealing for households in South Africa, giving them the means to cook meals through power cuts and loadshedding.

Home Fires is your answer to built-in gas braais in South Africa. We also sell freestanding braais and gas fireplaces. Browse our website for details on our available braais and fireplaces and make a smart investment for your home this winter.

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