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Vent-Free Indoor Gas-Powered Fireplaces for Your Home

Winter is upon us, which means that the electricity bill is sure to go up as a result of indoor heating and other contributing factors. Generally, underfloor heating and air conditioners can control the temperatures of a properly insulated house. However, they require electricity to function. If you are looking for a feasible alternative way to heat up your home in style, our selection of vent-free gas fireplaces can be your solution. Now, you do not have to worry about heating up your home when load shedding kicks in, and you can save some money on your utility bills during the cold Winter months.

Powered by Gas to Generate Heat

Vent-free gas fireplaces are powered by gas to keep a fire going that will generate heat throughout your home. At Home Fires, we offer a selection of freestanding and built-in units to accommodate your needs. These units allow you to heat up your home with a gas-powered grate that sits inside the unit. There is no need for smoke ventilation, as this type of fire does not generate any black smoke like a natural wooden fire does. Gas grates also feature different aesthetic designs to fit your personal preference.

Built-In Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces

Our selection off built-in gas fireplaces includes several feasible options to fit the layout and design of your home. Whether you want a single- or double-sided unit, we have a variety that will cater to your needs. Since these units are vent-free, they do not require a flue pipe outlet to let smoke out through the roof or a sidewall. Therefore, you can enjoy the heat and aesthetic value of an indoor fire without all the hassle of smoke ventilation.

The Firebox 940 model is a double-sided vent-free gas fireplace that can serve as a heater for 2 rooms simultaneously. This unit is designed to be installed either in the middle of a large room or between 2 rooms. It can heat up a total volume of 400 m³ and only weighs 108 kg. The Firebox 940 is available with a stainless steel or mild steel façade, with a choice between 3 different gas grates – coal, pebbles, or Real Fyre gas logs.

Home Fires is your first choice for vent-free gas fireplaces that can serve as a heater for your home during these cold Winter months. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available units. We also supply indoor braais and braai accessories. Please contact us today with any enquiries on our vent-free gas fireplaces.

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