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Stylish Vent-Free Fireplaces to Heat Up Your Home

During the cold Winter months, people use a variety of heating appliances to heat up the rooms in their homes. However, the majority of heating appliances requires electricity to power them. If you are looking for an alternative way to make your home cosy and toasty, Home Fires offers a range of vent-free gas-powered fireplaces that can add style to your home and save you money on your utility bill.

How Does a Vent-Free Fireplace Work?

Vent-free gas fireplaces do not generate smoke in the way that a coal or wood fire would, resulting in a fireplace that does not require dedicated flue pipes for venting purposes. Therefore, such a fireplace can function as a gas heater for the room it is installed in, avoiding any electricity usage when burning. Our selection of vent-free fireplaces is available with the traditional gas pebble grate, coal grate, or Real-Fyre gas logs, giving you several options to suit your personal preferences.

Built-In Gas-Powered Fireplaces

A built-in unit is an ideal choice when you want to put your gas-powered fireplace directly into a wall. Since there is no need for flue pipes, you do not need to worry about a roof exit for the smoke. Our Firebox 940 model can heat up a room volume of 324 m³ and is available with a wide array of options. This unit includes the body and gas grate, with a choice between a mild-steel or stainless-steel façade. It is also available with a pebble grate, coal grate, or Real-Fyre gas logs. As a result, you can choose the ideal unit to fit the intended room.

Freestanding Gas-Powered Fireplaces

Freestanding units are designed to be installed next to a side wall, which can be the best option when dealing with thin or temporary walls. Our Maluti Firebox 760 model features a unique and aesthetically pleasing design that will add to the interior design features of your room. This Firebox can provide heat for a 324-m³ room, serving as a gas heater for medium to large rooms. This unit is available in mild-steel and stainless-steel façades, with gas pebble grates, coal grates, or Real-Fyre gas logs. Home Fires is your first choice if you want a modern gas heater for your home. Please browse our website for details on our available vent-free gas fireplaces and find the ideal unit for your home today. We also offer slow-combustion fireplaces, braais, and braai accessories. Keep the fire oing in your home with Home Fires.

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