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Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces in South Africa

Are you looking for a more cost-efficient way to heat up your home during the cold Winter months? Home Fires is your answer for vent-free gas fireplaces. These fireplaces operate on LPG (liquified petroleum gas), meaning that you can save money on your electrical bill as well.

Our vent-free gas burners can function as a smart and modern replacement to outdated electric heaters. We can install one of these units in existing solid fuel-burning masonry fireplaces, prefabricated steel solid fuel-burning fireplaces, and approved universal vent-free fireplace boxes. We also supply vent-free fireboxes that can house the gas burner in your home.

Real-Fyre Gas Logs

Real-Fyre gas logs give the impression, look, and feel of authentic wood logs in a fireplace. These logs are carefully detailed to match the aesthetic of real wood. These logs offer optimal efficiency when used in your vent-free gas heater to generate and sustain heat without the need of electricity. Within a vent-free system, Real-Fyre logs can last for 10 to 15 years, dependent on the frequency of use. These logs are manufactured to comply to stringent standards for safety, efficiency, and realistic aesthetic value. We also offer gas heaters that feature white pebbles or anthracite coal appearances if you do not want the natural wood look.

Built-In Gas Fireplaces

Our Firebox 940 is a built-in vent-free double-sided gas fireplace that is available with a coal grate, pebble grate, or a split oak log set. It can heat up a room volume of 380 m³ and runs completely on LPG on NG (natural gas). This firebox is designed for built-in installations in the middle of the room or between 2 rooms, as it is double-sided and will distribute the heat evenly between the 2 open sides.

Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

Our Maluti gas firebox is a freestanding gas fireplace that is available in 2 sizes: 650 mm and 760 mm. The 760-mm unit is available in 3 gas burner options, including white pebble, coal, or split oak options to suit your preferences. The gas grates on this unit runs on LPG or NG and can heat up a room volume of 324 m³. This freestanding unit is intended to be installed against a sidewall.

If you are looking for an efficient way to turn up the heat in your home, Home Fires offers vent-free gas fireplaces that can suit your needs. Please browse our website for details on our available units. We also offer braais, accessories, and combustion fireplaces to choose from.

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