Get a Slow-Combustion Fireplace for Your Home this Winter

Are you looking for a solution to efficient heat generation in your home? Home Fires has you covered! We offer a wide selection of closed slow-combustion fireplaces that do not require electricity or gas to generate heat in your home – saving you a ton of money on your monthly utilities and giving you the means to make your home a hearth this winter.

What Sets a Closed Slow-Combustion Fireplace Apart from an Open Fireplace?

An open fireplace can be a hassle to keep the fire and smoke generated from the fire under control. Such fireplaces are unregulated in terms of airflow and oxygen exposure as well. A closed slow-combustion fireplace takes care of these issues by sealing in the fire to ensure that the smoke is properly vented and having its own air intake and interior fans to regulate the airflow and control the fire accordingly. Therefore, the fire will not suffocate inside the sealed chamber and burn for longer periods as a result of air regulation within the unit.

Built-In vs Freestanding Fireplaces

Our selection of closed slow-combustion fireplaces includes both built-in and freestanding units to choose from. If your home has a chimney and a wall cavity for a fireplace, a built-in unit is a smart choice. Built-in units can also be used as room dividers in larger rooms or to provide heat for multiple rooms by installing such a fireplace in an interior wall. These units can generate heat for large room volumes, making them applicable to various room layouts.

Freestanding closed slow-combustion fireplaces are designed to be installed in any room – ideally sitting next to a side wall or in the corner of a room. This placement allows for easy venting through the ceiling or adjacent side wall and can be the perfect solution for a home office, the living room, or a closed veranda area.

Everything That You Need

When you buy a closed slow-combustion fireplace at Home Fires, you will also have the option to buy accommodating accessories to assist you with installation process. We can provide you with flue pipes, cowls, wall brackets, and roof fittings to ensure that you can properly vent your fireplace and have the necessary accessories to complete the installation process. Some units also include touch-up paint and insulation materials to give you the means to round off the installation.

Home Fires is your one-stop supplier of closed slow-combustion fireplaces in South Africa. Please browse our website for details and prices on our available fireplaces and feel free to contact us if you want to request a quotation or have any enquiries about our units.

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