Advantages of Home Fires Braai

Only the best materials

Only “A” – grade hot rolled mild steel of 3mm thickness is used for fire boxes, which ensures a long lasting product and peace of mind.

Also a fireplace

You can use your braai unit as a fireplace to heat your indoor entertainment area when it is equipped with convection ducts or with a chimney damper.

Further benefits

Further benefits of this unique braai is that it enables one to do conventional grilling, bake bread, prepare stir-fry dishes, do a traditional potjie kos, smoke meat or fish, or even spit-roast the occasional leg of lamb using the heavy duty rotisserie option.

The ember maker

Most of the Braais are fitted with an ember maker for the quick and easy making of embers, which allows braaing within 15 minutes. This unique ember maker concept is a feature originally designed by Home Fires which will give you much pleasure. This unit makes kindling a fire an easy task. It provides you with a continuous flow of embers and you have the enjoyment of a fire for the full duration of you braai process.
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