125mm T-Piece 90Deg Single Wall (Black S/S)

125mm T-Piece 90Deg Single Wall (Black S/S)


90 Degree T Piece with Lid

Our 90 Degree T Piece with Lid is crafted from a durable 0.8mm, 304-grade stainless steel and painted with temperature resistant Forrest paint. This handy piece is essential when connecting your flue pipe out of the back of your stove, exiting through a wall directed outside and up towards the roof at a 90 ͦ degree angle.

The cap fitted at the bottom of the T-piece provides easy access to sweep the chimney or flue liner through the pipe. In addition, it allows for the drainage of moisture that may accumulate through condensation within the flue. This can occur due to the temperature variance between the exhaust gases and the external air.

Our 90 Degree T Piece with Lid is available in a range of diameters to suit your stove. Choose the one that matches your requirements and enjoy the safe and efficient operation of your stove.

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90-degree t-piece for 125mm single wall black stainless-steel pipe

Weight1.6 kg

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