Quality Built-In and Freestanding Braai Manufacturers in South Africa

When you need professional braai manufacturers in South Africa, Home Fires is your solution! We manufacture and sell built-in, freestanding, and mobile braais to ensure that you can get the ideal braai to suit your needs. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the time is perfect to invest in a new braai for your home. Today, we will take a closer look at our available ranges and what you can expect from Home Fires when looking to buy a new braai.

Freestanding Braai Manufacturers

Freestanding braais are ideal for homes that do not have a dedicated wall cavity and chimney. These units are specifically manufactured to be installed next to a side wall or in the corner of a room and can also be the perfect solution for the Lapa in the backyard. Our range of Super Deluxe Freestanding braais includes flue pipes and a rotating cowl base and top for proper smoke ventilation. We also sell additional installation accessories to give you everything that you need for installing your freestanding braai at home.

Built-In Braai Manufacturers

As braai manufacturers, we offer a sensible selection of built-in braais to fit into wall cavities in your home or Lapa. Whether you want a simplistic braai, spit braai, gas braai, or combo unit, we have it all to see that you can get the perfect fit for your home and personal preferences. Our range of Combo Built-In braais features a gas griller on one side and a wood/charcoal braai grid on the other – allowing you to experience the best of both worlds and braai to your heart’s content this holiday season.

Mobile Braai Manufacturers

When you need a braai that can go wherever you go, our selection of mobile braais is your solution. This range includes foldable braais that are perfect for camping, as well as trolly braais that give you the freedom to braai wherever you want. Our trolley braais sit on a stable trolley frame, with 2 wheels and 2 legs to allow you to pull the trolley around. Our camp braais are designed to fold away for a more compact solution when travelling.

Home Fires is your first choice when it comes to braai manufacturers in South Africa. Our complete range is guaranteed to have the perfect braai that you are looking for. Please browse our website for details and images on our available units and order yours today. Make the most of your holiday season in 2022 with a brand-new braai from Home Fires!

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