Slow-Combustion Fireplaces for Your Home in South Africa

Generating heat in your home can lead to a sudden spike in your electricity usage bill during the winter months. Moreover, loadshedding and power failures can impede electrical appliances to generate heat. Luckily, Home Fires is your answer to closed slow-combustion fireplaces for your home!

Why Should I Get a Closed Slow-Combustion Fireplace?

At Home Fires, we have an all-inclusive selection of fireplaces that includes open and closed slow-combustion units for indoor use. We also feature vent-free gas fireplaces for outdoor applications. Closed slow-combustion units are designed to maintain and regulate consistent airflow in the sealed unit by featuring an air intake and interior fans. This concept allows the fire to breathe without the need to open the front lid or door of the fireplace to let air in. As a result, the fire will last longer and burn on a more regulated pace in comparison to an open fireplace.

Our range of indoor fireplaces includes both built-in and freestanding units to suit your needs. Built-in units are ideally installed in wall cavities and can also be used as room dividers in larger areas. Freestanding units are ideally installed next to a side wall to allow for proper ventilation and air intake. Therefore, you can find the perfect fireplace to suit your home. We also sell various accessories that include flue pipes, wall brackets, and cowls to ensure that you can properly ventilate and install your fireplace.

The Dovre Bold 300 Freestanding Fireplace

If you want a freestanding, closed, slow-combustion fireplace that is a conversation starter and fits in a modern home, the Dovre Bold 300 Freestanding unit is an ideal option. This fireplace features a monolithic and modernistic design to add to the aesthetic value of your room. This unit can generate heat for a room volume of up to 196 m³ and is designed for wood fires.

The Dovre Bold 300 fireplace features top and rear flue pipe outlets to allow you to ventilate the unit through a side wall or the ceiling. It also features an exterior air connection to draw in air into the unit and avoid the fire from suffocating when the unit is closed. This closed slow-combustion fireplace can be perfect for any home and generate heat in a more cost-efficient manner in comparison to conventional heaters and other electrical appliances.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want a closed slow-combustion fireplace for your home in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available fireplaces and braais and contact us today to request a quotation. Beat the cold with a fireplace that works for you during the colder winter months!

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