Stainless-Steel Braai

Your Supplier of Stainless-Steel Braais in South Africa

South Africans love to get together and braai over the weekends and whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you are looking for a stainless-steel braai, Home Fires is your answer to a sensible variety. Ranging from a mobile camping braai to a built-in combo braai, we cover your needs to ensure that you can buy the ideal unit for your needs.

Built-In Stainless-Steel Braais

When it comes to our wide selection of built-in braais, we offer conventional, gas, and spit braai options to suit your preferences. The majority of our built-in units are available in stainless steel or mild steel. We also offer combo built-in units that feature areas for conventional wood/coal fires alongside gas burner tops to ensure that you can braai the way you want to, no matter your preference. We also sell accommodating accessories to help you with the installation of your braai, including flue pipes and wall brackets to only name a few.

Stainless-Steel Freestanding Braais

If you have no dedicated room in a sidewall for a built-in unit, you can always consider a freestanding braai. Our range of Super Deluxe freestanding braais are available in stainless steel as well. These units include rotating cowl bases and tops, along with flue pipes to ensure that you can properly vent your braai. Freestanding units are best installed right next to a sidewall. The units also include insulation material and touch-up paint to finalise your installation and make everything look professional once you are done.

Stainless-Steel Table Braais

If you have a dedicated outdoor braai area, our selection of conventional table braais is ideal for such an area. These braais are available in stainless steel as well and include potjie holders and ember makers. We also offer stainless-steel combination table braais, adding warming drawers underneath the braai to keep your food at temperature. Finally, we offer a selection of gas countertop braais that can be installed underneath a cooking hood in your outdoor kitchen and serve as a modern appliance in your home.

Stainless-Steel Mobile Braais

If you want a mobile stainless-steel braai, we offer a range of trolley and camping braais that can cater to your needs. With our trolley models, you can easily move them around to keep them out of the harsh sun or heavy rain while not being used. Our camping braais are compact and fold away to make them easer to bring along when enjoying the great outdoors. All that remains, is for you to choose the perfect stainless-steel braai from Home Fires! Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on all our available units.

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