Thorma Fireplaces for Sale in Gauteng and the Western Cape

At the beginning of a new year, people tend to make new year’s resolutions to set clear goals for themselves to achieve throughout the new year. If one of your resolutions is to come up with a solution to generate heat in your home – without being dependent on electricity – Home Fires is your first choice in Gauteng and the Western Cape!

Loadshedding has become a consistent pain in the backside for everyone living in South Africa – dealing with constant power surges and failures that leave us searching for useful alternatives to energy generation and usage. When it comes to generating heat during the colder winter months, a Thorma closed combustion fireplace can be your ideal solution!

Where Can I Safely Install a Freestanding Fireplace in My Home?

Freestanding fireplaces are ideally installed in homes that do not have a dedicated wall cavity and chimney for a built-in fireplace. These fireplaces should be installed in rooms that offer proper ventilation and cannot be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, or smaller confined spaces. Thorma closed combustion fireplaces feature unique designs that will elevate the aesthetic aspects of a room – making them perfect for open living areas and verandas to only name a few ideal spots in your home.

The Thorma Flensburg Top Outlet Black Fireplace

When it comes to Thorma closed combustion fireplaces, the Flensburg offers a compact and tall design to minimise its floorspace requirements and heating efficiency. It does not have any outside air connections or a fan that requires electricity – making it the perfect solution to overcome loadshedding when generating heat for your home. It has a nominal performance output of 7 kW and maintains a steady burn within a closed and sealed environment to ensure that the generated smoke can safely be ventilated through the roof and not escape into the room itself.

The Thorma Basil II Black Fireplace

This Thorma closed combustion freestanding fireplace burns at an 81% efficiency rate and can heat up a room volume of 196 m³. It is designed to hold wood fires and features an ashtray to simplify cleaning afterwards. This fireplace features a top flue pipe outlet to which you can attach a 140-mm flue pipe to ventilate the generated smoke through the roof of the room.

Home Fires is your supplier of Thorma closed combustion fireplaces in Gauteng and the Western Cape! Please browse our website for specifications and prices on our available fireplaces and braais, and feel free to contact us to place your order today.

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