Vent-Free Gas Fireplace

A Modern Indoor Fireplace for a Modern Home

Fireplaces have always been attractive features in homes before the times of electricity and electrical appliances. Although fireplaces are not as popular in homes anymore, there is a resurgence of fireplaces as an attraction in a home, and as a way to heat up a room without using electricity. The biggest challenge of an indoor fireplace is efficiently dealing with the smoke that is created by the fire itself. However, if that fire is gas-powered, your fireplace can be vent-free.

How Does a Vent-Free Fireplace Work?

Vent-free gas fireplaces feature gas grates that ignite and keep burning within a controlled space, at controlled levels, and without causing any harmful smoke to release into the air around it. Gas grates are customisable as well, as we offer a selection between 3 distinct choices: conventional coal, white pebbles, and Real-Fyre log sets. Therefore, you can choose a gas grate that fits perfectly with the interior of the room in which your fireplace is installed. We offer built-in and freestanding vent-free gas units to choose from, giving you the freedom to get the ideal unit to meet your requirements and fit in the intended room.

Saving Electricity and Time with a Gas Fireplace

A regular fireplace would run on wood or coal to keep the fire going over an extended period of time. Electrical heaters require electricity to keep the room nice and toasty. With a vent-free gas fireplace, you will be saving yourself from consistently maintaining a wood/coal fire within your fireplace, and also saving tons on electricity by not having to use an electrical heater/air conditioner. Instead, you can enjoy a fireplace that provides the necessary heat to the room while running on gas and adding to the aesthetic value of the room and home.

The Firebox Vent-Free Gas Fireplace

Our Firebox vent-free gas fireplace offers a range of built-in units that are available in single- or double-sided variants, with a choice between a darker mild steel façade or a lighter stainless-steel façade. This fireplace is also available in different sizes to accommodate the room it will be installed in. As a result, you cannot go wrong when picking the Firebox for your home and can find a fitting unit in our extensive selection.

Home fires offers a wide variety of built-in and freestanding fireplaces that include vent-free gas and closed slow-combustion options to suit your needs. We also offer a selection of built-in and mobile braais. Please browse our website for details on our units and elevate your home with a vent-free gas fireplace today.

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