Your Answer to Freestanding Fireplaces in South Africa

When you need a sensible selection of freestanding fireplaces for sale in South Africa, trust Home Fires to deliver! We cover all bases – with a wide range to browse and accommodating installation accessories to go along with your purchase. With Winter around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in a fireplace for your home. One of the big advantages of a freestanding fireplace is that it doesn’t require a wall cavity or chimney, and can be installed in almost any home.

Gas-Powered Freestanding Fireplaces

Our vast range of freestanding fireplaces for sale includes a selection of gas-powered fireplaces for homes that have access to gas. These units include single- and double-sided models, with 3 choices for the gas grate – white pebbles; coal grates; or Real-Fyre gas logs. You also have a choice in façade – featuring mild-steel and stainless-steel options to suit your preference. Home Fires also features panoramic options that are designed to perfectly fit into the corner of a room – preferably adjacent to a side wall to allow for optimal ventilation options.

Freestanding Open Fireplaces

When browsing our selection of open freestanding fireplaces for sale, we offer an eclectic selection that can be installed in your Lapa, veranda, or any other properly vented location. This range features units that are specifically designed to stand in a corner or directly next to a side wall. The Victorian Corner fireplace is an ideal example – generating heat for a room volume of up to 120 m³. This unit includes 3,6 m of total flue pipes, touch-up paint, insulation material, and a guarantee-certificate for a wholistic package for your home.

Economaster Freestanding Fireplaces

If you need a more affordable option when it comes to freestanding fireplaces for sale, the 800 Economaster fireplace is your answer! This unit includes a 3,6-m flue pipe and fixed cowl to vertically vent the generated smoke through the roof. It can generate heat for a room volume of up to 110 m³ and can house both wood and anthracite charcoal fires.

When you are looking for freestanding fireplaces for sale, Home Fires has you covered! Our showrooms in Gauteng and the Western Cape can give you a good idea of what to expect from our selection. Please browse our website for details and specifications on our available freestanding fireplaces for sale and generate heat without any electricity this upcoming Winter in your home with Home Fires on your side!

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