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Are you in the market for a built-in or freestanding braai? Home Fires is your solution! As a braai manufacturer, we can cater to your needs – with a wide range of built-in and freestanding units to choose from. We have showrooms in the Western Cape and Gauteng to give you a good idea of what to expect from our braais and fireplaces. Today, we highlight some of our ideal options when it comes to built-in braais that can be ideal for most households.

The 800 Economaster Standard Built-In Braai

As a braai manufacturer in South Africa, we understand the wants and needs of our local braai masters and what they truly want in a professional braai unit at home. The 800 Economaster braai includes an ashpan, grid, and potjie holder, with ample space on the braai table to get a proper braai going. This unit also includes an internal light fitting to provide some welcome light inside the braai. Therefore, you can keep a close eye on your meats to hit the perfect temperature before removing them from the table.

The 800 Economaster braai features a braai table of 550 mm x 450 mm, is available in black, and is designed for wood and charcoal fires. This braai is manufactured from 2,5-mm mild steel to ensure that the unit is sturdy and robust. Home Fires also sells a sensible collection of installation accessories to ensure that you can properly ventilate the generated smoke through the roof with flue pipes, collars, and cowls. As a result, you can get everything that you need under one proverbial roof!

The 800 Deluxe Built-In Braai

As a braai manufacturer in South Africa, Home Fires strives to deliver a feasible selection of built-in braais that include both affordable and luxury options. The 800 Deluxe built-in braai is available in stainless steel on special order and includes an ash drawer, grid lifters, touch-up paint, and insulation material as added extras. The grid size on this braai is 550 mm x 460 mm and is designed for both wood and charcoal fires. Now, you can bring out the real braai master when family or friends come over to visit and have a feasible alternative to cooking food without needing electricity to power an oven or stove.

When you need a professional braai manufacturer in South Africa, choose Home Fires today! Feel free to browse our website and order your braai from us directly or visit our showrooms in the Western Cape or Gauteng to see our braais in action. Upgrade your home with a brand-new built-in braai and Home Fires in your corner!

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