Your First Choice in Braai Manufacturer in South Africa

Looking for a braai manufacturer in South Africa? Home Fires is your first choice! We have showrooms in Gauteng and the Western Cape – with a comfortable selection of braais to choose from. We sell built-in, freestanding, and mobile braais to meet your requirements and deliver the perfect braai that meets your needs and requirements. Today, we will discuss our various options and discover which one could be the ideal solution for you.

Built-In Braais

Do you have an empty wall cavity that begs to be filled by a built-in braai? As braai manufacturers in South Africa, we have a delectable choice of built-in options! We feature conventional, gas-powered, and spit braais in this category, along with combo options that feature both a table braai and gas griller to allow you to achieve different flavour profiles. Home Fires also provides a complete selection of installation accessories – covering flue pipes, cowls, and wall brackets to accommodate the braai and establish proper ventilation.

Freestanding Braais

Not every home has a dedicated wall space and/or chimney – bringing us to our range of freestanding units. Every braai manufacturer should have freestanding options, and at Home Fires, you are bound to find the perfect unit for your Lapa or veranda! Freestanding braais are ideally installed next to a side wall or in the corner of a well-ventilated area – with the option to either vent the generated smoke through the roof or the side wall itself. Our selection of Super Deluxe freestanding braais includes a box stand, 2,4 m of flue pipe, and a cowl to deliver essential installation accessories with your purchase.

Mobile Braais

Sometimes, you need a mobile trolley braai for the backyard or a foldable option when camping in the great outdoors. As braai manufacturers in South Africa, Home Fires can supply you with a comprehensive selection of mobile braais that include both trolley and foldable options! Our trolley braais are built on stable trolley frames to give you the freedom to move your braai to various locations in your backyard, while the foldable braai is the perfect solution for taking your braai along with you when camping.

Home Fires is your definitive choice in braai manufacturer in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website to explore our various options and find the perfect braai that suits your requirements. Place your order with us today and enjoy our quality braais for your home or outdoor adventures in 2023!

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