Your Supplier of Built-In Braais in South Africa

If you are looking for a supplier of quality built-in braais in South Africa, Home Fires is your answer! We offer standard, combo, spit, and gas built-in braais to choose from – giving you a wide selection to find the perfect fit for your home. The holiday season is around the corner, and the time is right to get your braai game in order before the family comes over. Today, we will discuss some options from our different ranges.

The Deluxe Built-In Braai Range

Our range of Deluxe built-in braais is designed for those who use their braais regularly. The 800 Deluxe features an ashpan, grid, potjie holder, and ember maker to give you all the essentials. It also features an ash drawer and grid lifters for easy clean-up afterwards. The unit has an interior light fitting to illuminate the braai area and comes with insulation material and touch-up paint to finish off the installation. We also sell accommodating installation accessories such as cowls and flue pipes to properly vent your braai.

The Super Deluxe Gas Braai Range

If you are looking for a built-in braai that features a gas grill, the Super Deluxe gas braai range has you covered. The 800 Super Deluxe unit features a 4-burner flat top grill and is ideal for a Lapa or veranda. It also features an interior light fitting to shine some light on the braai area, along with a bottom door to close the face of the braai and double as a basic foldable work surface. This unit is also available in stainless steel on special order, with a list of installation accessories to buy alongside your braai.

The Combo Built-In Braai Range

When you need a built-in braai that can do it all, our Combo range is the ideal place to find the perfect fit. The 1200 Combo Option B braai features a 3-burner gas grill that sits alongside a conventional table braai in a single unit – giving you the best of both worlds. It also has a potjie holder, removable ash drawer, and height-adjustable braai grid. If you oversee the braai during this holiday season, the 1200 Combo Option B will ensure that you can braai for the entire family with ease.

When you are looking for a built-in braai for your home, Home Fires is your all-inclusive supplier in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available braais, including prices and specifications, and contact us today to place your order.

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